Dave Sullivan


Dave is the primary architect of Ersatz and an expert in deep learning and neural networks. He speaks regularly on the topic and is the organizer of the San Francisco Neural Network Aficionados meetup group.

Ersatz came out of his frustration with existing machine learning tools. Everything was so... verbose. Sometimes a graphical interface really is the best way to do something, but there wasn't a particularly good graphical interface for machine learning, let alone deep learning. New software could fix that, and it would be web-based. Ersatz announced their beta in January 2013. In February 2014, it was spun out to Ersatz Labs.

As the product developed, Ersatz added data wrangling functionality (mostly due to user requests) and improved the API (always a good idea). It's still early days for Ersatz, but the product is the most full featured and stable product of its kind--web based machine learning APIs--available today.

Ronjon Nag, PhD

Chairman and CSO

Ronjon is an early investor, co-founder, and Chief Strategy Officer. He is a seasoned entrepreneur and has 30 years of experience working with neural networks.

In the early 90s, he co-founded Lexicus, a company that created software for the earliest smartphones and included functionality for predictive text, speech, and handwriting recognition.

Later, he co-founded Cellmania, a company that focused on mobile app store infrastructure software.

He has a PhD in engineering from Cambridge University, a Masters from MIT, was a Harkness Fellow at Stanford's Rumelhart lab in the Psychology Department, and has been featured on the cover of Fortune magazine for his early work with neural networks.

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