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Dave Sullivan

Co-founder, CEO
Dave, Co-founder, CEO

Dave is the primary architect of Ersatz and an expert in deep learning and neural networks.

Ersatz rose out of his frustration with existing tools for deep learning. He wanted something that he could iterate with quickly, but found himself getting bogged down by implementation details and unable to experiment quickly enough.

Instead, he imagined a tool that would provide a variety of standard models, accept a variety of standard data formats, and return solutions in a variety of formats. It would all work over the internet and be backed by high end GPU servers. It would focus on deep learning and provide tools specific to deep learning workflows. And so Ersatz was born.

Dave has a degree from the University of California at Santa Barbara and is an organizer of the San Francisco Neural Network Aficionados meetup group.

Ronjon, Co-founder, Chairman

Dr. Ronjon Nag

Co-founder, Chairman

Dr. Ronjon Nag is a seasoned entrepreneur and has 30 years of experience working with neural networks.

He co-founded Lexicus, a company that created software for the earliest smartphones and included functionality for predictive text, speech, and handwriting recognition. The company was successfully sold to Motorola.

Following the acquisition, he co-founded Cellmania, a company that focused on mobile app store infrastructure software. The company was successfully sold to BlackBerry (formerly RIM).

He has a PhD in engineering from Cambridge University, a Masters from MIT, was a Harkness Fellow at Stanford's Rumelhart lab in the Psychology Department, and has been featured on the cover of Fortune magazine for his early work with neural networks.

Luis, VP Engineering
Lucy, VP Marketing
Denis, Data Scientist
Gallus, Backend Engineer
Alex, Frontend Engineer

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