Fix: Adblock Not Working On Twitch

Fix: Adblock Not Working On Twitch

Imagine you are streaming your favorite show on Twitch or you are at the climax of an online game, and suddenly an ad pops up. Quite frustrating, right?

We feel you; we understand the anger and frustration. Another situation might be you have been trying to block the ads on Twitch, but still, it is not working.

So today, we are here to help you in fixing this problem.

How to fix Adblock not working on Twitch

Before doing that, let us understand the different types of ads that you must have seen.

  • Ads which are disabled easily
  • Advertisements that require little effort but can be disabled.
  • Ads which are challenging to turn off
  • Advertisements are playing during VoD.

The first one is banner ads, which can be easily be blocked by using Chrome ad-blocking extension or changing the browser settings if you are using Firefox or Opera. The second one is pay-per-click which is displayed during online streams by Twitch, and you can use free ad-blocker to block these types of ads. The third type of advertisements are sponsored ads which are placed directly by the promoters. The fourth type of ads is the ads displayed during the video on demand (VoD).

The reason why Adblock not working on Twitch:

The reasons Adblock is not working on Twitch can be using outdated Adblock browser extension, Chrome’s Network Service, browser issue, or browser extension issues.

Adblocking browser extensions are software that removes or alters online ads in a browser or application; however, at times they fail as Twitch places the ads directly into the stream.

Here are some of the steps through which you can block Twitch Ads:

1. Ensure that Adblock extension is updated –

The continuous up-gradation in technology require us to keep our software and systems upgraded. Therefore, it is essential to update your browser extensions regularly. If your Adblock extension is not updated, then you won’t be able to block ads on Twitch.

2. Advanced Settings in Chrome –

Chrome works on a different network service that is not accessible to Adblocking extensions. Making this network available will solve the problem. Make sure that you perform this action whenever the Chrome is updated.

3. Using filters list

Adblocking extensions have their own filters list which can be white list, blacklist and can be a custom. You can add Twitch ads to the blacklist of the adblock extension and it will solve the issue.

4. HLS Adblock extension

Ads are played on Twitch whenever a user starts streaming. These ads are placed by the Twitch team into the HLS streams. Using HLS Adblock extension patches the technique which Twitch use and edit the m3u8 playlist that gets request every few seconds to remove the segment which is marked at ads. It will help the user to block ads in Twitch.

5. Non-native Player Extensions

Using adblocking extensions such as Adguard, uMatrix, ublock Origin etc. Adblock effectively blocks all kind of ads on web pages which include video ads, media ads, pop-ups, banners ads and text ads.

uMatrix blocks iframes, scripts, and all ads. It gives you the control over connection, downloads and data execution.

uBlock Origin is free, open-source and cross-platform extension which is a great ad blocker that is easy on CPU. It can efficiently load and excute thousands of filters as compared to any other extension.

So, go on and use any of these ways to fix your adblock issue on Twitch and enjoy ad-free streaming and games.

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